About Us

Karma Fair Organization

Founded by Hüseyin Remzi ADIYAMAN in 2000, Rem Agency continued to work as an advertising and organization company that mainly focused on advertising marketing. While conducting activities such as concert organizations, cultural events, festivals, design services, radio and cinema advertisements; PLANT Landscape and Ornamental Planting Magazine was brought to the sector and its publishing life in 2010 under the roof of Rem Agency and it still continues its studies actively. It continues to make great contributions to the landscape and ornamental plants sector with the Plant Awards, the most prestigious award in the sector.

Rem Agency, which has made a name for itself with its advertising and organization works for more than 20 years, has organized the Landscape and Ornamental Planting Festival since 2018. Every year, we set new targets in order to serve even better and we proudly climb the success ladder after our completed projects.

By focusing on sectoral fairs, we always strive to provide the best service to our exhibitors and visitors and provide all the necessary support for your satisfaction from the very beginning to the end. As of 2020, as KARMA FUARCILIK LTD STI, we continue to sign successful organizations by expanding our range of events.

Our market share in Turkey and we keep our customers a high rate while increasing our customer satisfaction. We have set the mission to realize the organizations that develop and direct the sector. In addition, as the only fair company in our city, we are with you as Karma Fair Organization.